Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thursday, July 09, 2009

There are far worse things...

Let's begin with a little background, shall we?

Aside from the 52 or so pounds I have put on since high school, I look pretty much exactly the same. Oh, my face looks older, sure, but my hair is the same length-ish, same basic style (brush and go), etc. I am very easily recognizable to those who knew me in high school. In fact at the last reunion I attended I was in the running for the "hasn't changed since high school" recognition or some such.

So recently I finally joined the Facebook. Mainly I did it to connect with my regular friends, rescue friends, family, etc. I hadn't really considered that I would encounter people I went to high school with. So I became Facebook Friends with an actual friend from high school I still talk to. Before I knew it, I had Facebook friend requests from people whose names I recognize from high school, but have no real clue who they are. What the hell? Not to be bitchy, but we weren't friends back then, so why now?

At any rate, I have had fun using their pages to find all kinds of people I knew from high school (note I have extended only 1 friend request to someone I was actually friends with back then).

Let me just say. There are far, far worse things in life than looking almost exactly as you did in high school. Trust me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"I guess it's time for you to hate me again..."

Why, yes, Eminem, I suppose it is. Your songs are SO wrong.

But I have missed you, my guilty pleasure.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Wow it's been a long time

So how cool is this, huh?
It's been a long time since I posted. Guess I need to fix that. Oh, wait, I just did.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh hell, the country is in trouble now

I can't say anything else right now. There are just no words.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

WTF, Jackson Browne, WTF?

This is the second concert I have attended where you played every song from your new album, but didn't bother to play your most popular and best-loved song ever, The Load Out/Stay. I know I'm not the only one disgrunted about this; the guy behind me kept hollering for you to "PLAY STAY" in a tone suggesting he was at the last concert you played in the Dallas area where you didn't play it. Perhaps last time I can understand it - you opened for Tom Petty and had a limited amount of time - maybe you didn't want to spend 10 minutes of your limited time on 1 song. But THIS time? No excuse! Do I have to google "why doesn't Jackson Browne play Stay at concerts anymore?" or what???

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Sad, Sad Day

Today my foster boxer of 7 months, Spader, will be put down. Almost 2 weeks ago he jumped on one of my other fosters, Gus, and in the course of me trying to separate them, Spader chomped his jaw down hard on my wrist. My right one, of course. Cracked it in 2 places so I'm in a cast for 4 more weeks. Spader of course didn't mean to bite me, he was trying to bite Gus. Such a shame, he is a sweet, fun young boy when no other dogs are around. He wouldn't hurt a person on purpose. Shoot, I trust him to do this:

He just can't be trusted with other dogs. :(
Pray for me. I don't know how I am ever ever going to do this.

Monday, April 07, 2008

This is great!

I got this in an e-mail and it is AWESOME!!!

You gotta love Texans!!!

I have a friend who is president of his homeowners association in the Dallas ,Texas suburbs. They were having a terrible problem with litter near some of his association's homes. The reason according to Wallace (my friend) is that six very large, luxurious new houses are being built right next to their community.

The trash was coming from the Mexican laborers working at the construction sites and included bags from McDonald's, Burger King and 7-11, plus coffee cups, napkins, cigarette butts, coke cans, empty bottles, etc. He went to see the site supervisor and even the general contractor, politely urging them to get their workers not to litter the neighborhood, to no avail. He called the city, county, and police and got no help there either.

So here's what his community did. They organized about twenty folks, named themselves The "Inner Neighborhood Services" group, and arranged to go out at lunch time and "police" the trash themselves. It is what they did while picking up the trash that is so hilarious. They bought navy blue baseball caps and had the initials "INS" embroidered in gold on the caps. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what they hoped people might mistakenly think the letters really stood for.

After the Inner Neighborhood Services group's first lunch time pickup detail, with all of them wearing their caps and some carrying cameras, 46 out of the total of 68 construction workers did not show up for work the next morning -- and haven't come back yet. It has been ten days now.

The General Contractor, I'm told, is madder than heck, but can't say anything publicly, because he could be busted for hiring illegal aliens. Wallace and his bunch can't be accused of impersonating federal personnel, because they have the official name of the group recorded in their homeowner association minutes, along with a notation about the vote to approve formation of the new subcommittee -- and besides, they informed the INS in advance of their plans and according to Wallace, the INS said basically, "Have at it!"